With the following FAQs we would like to provide comprehensible and short answers to frequently arising questions. Please note that only the insurance conditions for the health insurance VB-KV 2013 (SKV) of the HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG, which you can find here, are applicable for any legal assessment.
What are the main differences between the Base Tariff and the Optimal Tariff?
The main differences between the Base Tariff and the Optimal Tariff can be found here.
How much does the health insurance cost per month?
The monthly premium for the Base Tariff is 34.50 € (first month to 12th month) and thereafter 60.00 € (13th to 60th month).

The monthly premium for the Optimal Tariff is 78.00 € (first to 60th month).
How much is the health insurance per month for my children?
The monthly premium for the Base Tariff is 34.50 € (first month to 12th month) and thereafter 47.00 € (13th to 60th month).

The monthly premium for the Optimal Tariff is 53.00 € (first to 60th month).
How can I apply for insurance cover?
Application may be made online. Please fill in the online application form.
How long does the processing of my application take, and how quickly after I sign up do I get my insurance certificate?
You will receive the insurance policy as soon as the first payment is credited to our bank account. Please note that this process may take a few days ? depending on the bank.
What payment options are offered?
You have the option to pay the premium each month, every 3 months or every 6 months. Please select the payment method that is suitable for you when filling in our online application form. Please note that the premium is to be paid at the beginning of the period, within five working days.
What payment methods may I choose?
You have the option to decide between a payment via "bank transfer" or "direct debit". We recommend the payment method "direct debit", so you can rest assured that we debit the premium from your account and thus there won?t be any problems in the claims processing that could arise, for example, due to unpaid premiums.
Can I apply for insurance cover, in case that I have already been residing in Germany for a certain period?
You have the option to apply for insurance cover if you are already living in Germany for a certain period. Please note that the maximum insurance term is five years ? based on your date of entry into Germany.
What is the maximum age for effecting insurance cover?
You can apply for insurance cover before reaching the age of 45 years.
My family will follow me to Germany. How can I take out insurance cover for my family?
Following application for your insurance policy you have the option to take out insurance cover for your children and/or for your spouse online. For that purpose, please log in to your account with the access data (your insurance number, your date of birth and your password for our web portal).
Can I cancel the insurance policy whenever I want?
The insurance contract is concluded for a term of five years. For any cancellation to be effective, it must be made at least one month before the expiry of each policy year. (Example: The contract was concluded for the insurance period April 01, 2015 to April 01, 2020. If you wish to cancel your contract with effect of March 31, 2016, your cancellation must be received by us not later than February 28, 2016. You can e-mail your cancellation easily to our following e-mail-address: dsw-kv@union-paritaet.de.
Do I have the right of extraordinary termination in the event that I will leave Germany before the planned end of my stay?
DThe insurance contract shall end as soon as your stay in Germany has ended. In case that you leave Germany earlier than planned, we kindly ask you to send us a message to dsw-kv@union-paritaet.de, so to enable us to cancel your insurance policy.
Are there any other alternatives / conditions for the termination of contract?
Insurance cover shall also end in the event that any requirements for health insurance are no longer met, for example end of studies, marriage to a German citizen, and any existing insurance coverage through a public health insurance company. In the event that any of these criteria should apply, we kindly ask you to send us a message to dsw-kv@union-paritaet.de.
What is the procedure for reimbursement of treatment expenses?
For the reimbursement of treatment expenses, there are two alternatives:
  • Either you present the "Merkblatt zum Versicherungsschutz Base" or the "Merkblatt zum Versicherungsschutz Optimal" to the physician before any medical treatment. The physician will send the invoice directly to HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG and you do not have to make any advance payment.
  • Or you pay the physician directly and submit the original invoice together with the reimbursement form to HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG to the following address:

    HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG
    Abt. RLK4/Leistung
    Postfach 30 24 50
    20352 Hamburg
Is there any deductible?

There are certain maximum sums insured for certain benefits, such as dental prothesis, accident-related medical aids or visual aid. Please refer in detail to Section I of the insurance conditions.
What does "Qualifying Period" mean, and is there any qualifying period in general?
Insurance cover does not commence at the beginning of the insurance contract but only after expiry of a so-called qualifying period or waiting period. Premiums are to be paid although the health insurance plan does not pay benefits for medical expenses for a certain length of time (exceptional cases ? see below). Hence, the policyholder needs to wait for insurance cover.

The general qualifying period for all benefits is 3 months.
The specific qualifying period for childbirth is 8 months.

The general waiting period does not apply:
  • in case of an accident
  • if you were previously insured with an insurer of the statutory health insurance plan in Germany for at least 3 months
  • if insurance is concluded within 30 days of entry into the Federal Republic of Germany and premium is paid.
Are there any exclusions of benefits?
Insurance cover is not provided, without limitation, for:
  • any diseases or consequences of an accident, the treatment of which was the purpose of the entry into the Federal Republic of Germany, or if it was certain prior to the journey that a treatment would be required under normal circumstances in the course of the planned travel, unless the death of the spouse or any first grade relatives was the reason for the journey.
  • any rehabilitation measures including any detoxification or withdrawal treatments
  • any treatments owing to a HIV infection (AIDS) of the insured person, which was determined prior to inception of the respective policy.
  • any treatment carried out by non-medical alternative practitioners
  • any examinations or treatments owing to disruptions to the functions or defects of reproduction organs, abortion or treatments designed to induce pregnancy.

If you have any further questions that you cannot find the answer to here, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be glad to answer your questions personally by phone 05231 / 603-6390. Alternatively, you can send us a message with your questions to dsw-kv@union-paritaet.de.

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